Portfolio Report 2022

Investing to solve global challenges

About this report

Thank you for reading Summa Equity’s (“Summa”) sixth Portfolio Report.

01At a glance

Summa is a purpose-­driven, ­thematic investment firm, ­considering the world’s ­challenges as investment opportunities.

02Summa Foundation

The Summa Foundation aims to promote prosperous ­societies and ecology and is ­closely aligned with the values and ­approach of Summa.

03Summas approach to impact investing

We invest to make a change. That’s why we focus on ­impact ­investing, ­directing our funds ­toward ­companies that ­generate financial returns while making a measurable and meaning­ful ­impact on social and ­environmental issues.

04Portfolio results

Impact assessment and reporting is essential to provide transparency and understanding for the impact of our portfolio, for the benefit of our investors, portfolio companies, and the public at large.

05Resource Efficiency

As the global population grows and our shared ­resources are depleted, ­business ­opportunities arise for ­companies that ­optimize the use of natural ­resources.

06Changing Demographics

Society is changing. An ­aging population, increasing health needs, urbanization, and ­migration create new ­challenges and opportunities.

07Tech-Enabled Transformation

Technology, big data, artificial intelligence, and digitization hold the key to better and more efficient ways to solve our challenges.

08Exits & IPOs

We seek to maximize the contribution that strong ESG performance can make to return on investment, through risk avoidance and finding value-creation opportunities to create high-performing organizations.