Summa Foundation

Summa Foundation

Summa believes in building strong links with communities and protecting our ecosystems.

Photo: Gjermund Hansen


Summa Foundation at a glance

Summa Foundation is an independent charitable foundation that supports social and environmental causes across the world. 10% from Summa Equity is distributed to the Summa Foundation to promote a prosperous society and ecology.

The Foundation is committed to making a lasting change for communities and the environment, focusing on issues such as education, gender inequality, biodiversity loss, climate change,

and supporting disadvantaged individuals. The Foundation engages with local organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to achieve the mission of contributing to society and protecting the planet.

The purpose of the Foundation is fulfilled, directly or indirectly, through charitable donations, grants, scholarships, and mentorship programs to support small-scale projects that align with the Foundation’s objectives.





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Selected highlights from 2022

Norwegian Refugee Council (“NRC”)

NRC is an independent humanitarian organization helping people who are forced to flee. Summa Foundation has supported NRC with monetary and advisory support for several years. In light of the war in Ukraine, the Foundation made a financial contribution to NRC to support the organization’s crisis response. NRC is present on the ground, organizing water, food, cash assistance, sanitation, shelter, and legal support.

Human Practice Foundation (“HPF”)

HPF creates schools, quality education, and entrepreneurial projects that give children and their communities the power to create a better future. Summa Foundation supports HPF’s operations in Kenya, specifically through infrastructure improvements at Aitong Day & Boarding Primary School and the implementation of their “Academics and Empowerment program” at 4 schools in the Maasai Mara.


Matsentralen is a network of food banks that redistributes surplus food from the food industry to non-profit organizations that help disadvantaged people in Norway. Their efforts contribute to saving more than 4 000 tons of food annually, equivalent to 8m meals. Together with portfolio company Holdbart, the Foundation supported Matsentralen with a donation comparable to 400 000 meals.

Stiftelsen Petter Uteligger

Stiftelsen Petter Uteligger is a Norwegian foundation with the purpose of brightening up everyday life for the homeless and people with substance abuse. The foundation aims to give positive experiences to create joy and good memories. By spending time together through outdoor activities and seasonal lunches, Summates and individuals from Stiftelsen Petter Uteligger have established a close relationship.

Basecamp Explorer Foundation (“BCEF”)

BCEF was established to fight wildlife extinction by teaming up with local communities. Summa Foundation supports BCEF’s efforts in the Maasai Mara area in Kenya, through projects like reforestation, waste management, empowering women and youth, and securing land for wildlife to flourish.

In 2022, BCEF collected 2 590kg of plastic waste and contributed to protecting 15 000 acres of crucial wildlife land areas in the Masai Mara ecosystem. The protection of land areas in this region is considered of special importance due to its rapid degradation through extensive charcoal burning. The areas are also important breeding grounds and host one of the few remaining Indigenous forests in the area.