Summas approach to impact investing

Summa’s impact investment strategy

How can we invest with rigor and intentionality to not only promote value creation, but also help build a more sustainable world?

Impact alignment screening template

Environmental/social objective(s)


  • Articulate primary environmental or social challenge addressed by the company - governance issues should be framed in service of environmental and/or social objectives

How the company has impact

  • Explain how the company has impact on this challenge
  • Wherever possible, include evidence of impact / company track record, including quantification of impact

Who is impacted

  • Identify specific customer segments / users relevant to impact contribution, including stakeholders particularly at risk
  • If different from above, identify who else is impacted

Potential KPIs

  • Include potential metrics to track impact, including outputs and outcomes

Impact due diligence pillars

Impact fundamentals

A. Do No Significant Harm test, including Principal Adverse Impact indicators and minimum safeguards

B. Basic good governance practices per SFDR

C. Red flags on ESG topics beyond those considered in A & B.

D. EU Taxonomy alignment where relevant (not a criterion for investment)

Impact contribution

A. Evidence of impact

B. Potential for impact at scale

C. Additionality of impact

D. Net positive across value chain

E. Collinearity between impact and business

F. Control over impact

Ability to execute

A. Company capacity and competence to carry out the impact agenda

B. Risks to maintaining a sustained focus on impact over time

C. Relevant Summa capacity to support impact agenda

Organizational due diligence
Legal due diligence

Commercial due diligence

Organizational due diligence
Legal due diligence

The impact due diligence will result in a clear impact and value creation plan

For funds investing under Article 9, like Summa Equity Fund III, it is important to understand what qualifies as a “sustainable investment”.

Summa navigates questions related to this assessment through a succinct impact strategy and decision-relevant framework for evaluating impact throughout the investment process.