Summas approach to impact investing

Employment engagement survey


Identifying cultural aspects that drive success

Enabling high-performing organizations requires an understanding and ability to act on organizational enablers and bottlenecks. A focus on structural value drivers alongside culture and behaviors is therefore essential. To measure the quality of behaviors and interactions that drive the portfolio companies’ ability to collectively make and implement good decisions, portfolio companies completed the Altus employee engagement survey by Humatica. The survey results act as a platform for an exchange of best practices and industrialization of good leadership.

The insights enable Via Summa to facilitate a fact-based discussion between the board, management, and employees on how to best improve identified cultural aspects that drive business success.

The participating companies demonstrated positive management behaviors. When benchmarked against hundreds of other PE-backed companies, Documaster scored better than the 70th percentile of the database on each of the eight Altus survey framework steps, and better than the 84th percentile in four of the eight steps.

The survey also inspired targeted goals for Infobric and Milarex, both noting the value of the findings and consequently setting ambitions to further improve their results in 2023 compared to 2022.

HR Manager, Milarex

Marta DziedzicMilarex, HR Manager

– We have gained an increased understanding of our organizational strengths, but also areas of improvement and feel more confident on how to further develop our organization.