Summas approach to impact investing

Portfolio wide goals


Enhancing resilience with portfolio-wide goals

To build a platform for sustainable growth, it is necessary to understand a company's material risks and opportunities from an im­pact as well as an operational and financial perspective. At Summa we have identified common elements that are material at an overall portfolio level in order to build resilience and enable long term sustainable outperformance.

We are committed to accelerating our portfolio’s progress on carbon reduction, diversity, and the game-changing impact. The portfolio-wide goals have been set to support these ambitions and are linked to the fundamental and game-changing impact objectives.

Summa is committed to accelerating progress on carbon reduction, diversity, and the game-changing impact of the portfolio.

Fundamental impact

  • Climate-conscious growth that supports environmental protection and reduces climate risks
  • Diverse competencies and perspectives across the organization to win in the future economy
  • Responsible business practices across operations and supply chains

Game-changing impact

  • Impact through portfolio company core products and services
  • Benefitting stakeholders across a company’s value chain and beyond

Environment: Climate-conscious growth

All portfolio companies to have validated Science Based Targets (SBTs).

Several companies have initiated the process to set SBTs, in which Sengenics and Axion have received an official SBT validation.

Social: Diverse leadership

All companies to have 40% female or non-binary representation in portfolio company Boards of Directors.

NG Group, Milarex and Infobric have achieved minimum 40% board gender diversity, and several other companies have implemented initiatives to increase the female representation.

Governance: Responsible business practices

All companies to have operationalized Via Summa Compliance.

The weighted average implementation rate in our portfolio in 2022 is 90%.